'Kate’s sensitive, trusting and warm approach in supporting our daughter was of great encouragement for her in gaining a better understanding of her experiences and in being more accepting of herself and her feelings.  We all recognise a much more positive and confident young lady in moving on from her counselling.

20 August 2018

“I was given Kate’s number by a friend but have to admit it sat untouched in my phone for a long long time, I suppose I didn’t want to admit we needed help with our teenage son.  Communication had completely broken down and I felt like our family was being torn apart so one day I sat and typed the text I knew I needed to type and the tears flowed.  Just sending the text was a slight relief in what seemed like a unmanageable situation.  Kate text me back and asked if it was a good time to ring and we chatted about the situation and arranged a meeting.  My husband wasn’t keen on the idea so I went alone and again just being able to sit and chat to someone who listened without prejudice meant so much.  I was unsure how I was going to get my son to the first session but fortunately he was happy to at least meet her.  It was very soon that we started to notice a change in him, he seemed more thoughtful and not so distant and family life soon started to get back on track.  For the first time in months both myself and my husband had our full first night’s sleep which was just amazing!  A few months have past now and we are still going strong, it’s not a miracle cure but it has made both sides think and small things like a family day out which was so rare before is now happening and close family and friends have noticed the difference.  I cannot recommend Kate enough, I just wish I made that call earlier!”
May 2018